This company was established in 11/16/2017, the management position is Mr. Majid Abarghoei .

<strong> Majid Abarghoei </strong>

Majid Abarghoei

Company Management

The management of this company Mr. Majid Abarghoei was the founder of Zarrin Baft Alborz Company .
And for many years that he was the CEO of Zarrin Baft Alborz Company, caused to growth and development of that company.
During that Mr . Majid Abarghoei was the company's management, he used the best strategies in the field of importing raw materials and exporting the produced goods to neighboring countries.
Mr. Majid Abarghoei is a pioneer in the export of mosquito nets and ornamental nets to neighboring countries such as Turkey, Russia, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Czech Republic and Armenia.
He is considered to be the first successful Iranian exporters in this field.

Our Products

Persian Beny Tex Company is currently producing and exporting textiles based on international standards, using the most advanced textile machines and the latest machines in harmony with the best of the day.

Persian Beny Tex Services

Persian Beny Tex Company produces and sells all kinds of fabrics and mosquito nets, bridal nets, ornamental nets, export mosquito nets, suits, bridal fabrics, all kinds of fabrics with the best quality

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